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Welcome to Landmark

Mental and behavioral health is something that should not be overlooked. At Landmark
Outpatient Services we can offer you or your loved one a personal treatment plan to help
overcome whatever psychiatric challenges you may be facing. Our affordable, high-quality
care can make treatment an option for anyone.

Our Treatment Program

Landmark OPS offers patients an array of care and treatment services to help overcome
psychiatric and addiction-related issues. Some of the services that Landmark
can offer you or your loved one include:

Psychiatric evaluation to identify
any problems, a treatment plan with
goals and progress tracking.

Medication Management to help
patients safely overcome challenges
that they face.

Holistic and advanced treatment
options to help ensure positive
behavioral, emotional, and mental
transformation changes.

Therapy sessions like Family Therapy,
Group Counseling, Cognitive-Behavioral
Therapy, Dialectical-Behavioral
Therapy, and more.

During a patients time with Landmark, they will
receive consistent follow-up support from our dedicated
staff and clinicians aimed to help patients become the
best version of themselves.

About Landmark OPS

About Landmark OPS

Landmark OPS was created with the idea that everyone deserves quick access to affordable psychiatric services and healthcare to overcome issues related to mental and behavioral health and substance abuse problems. Landmark OPS is here to provide anyone who needs it with the highest quality of care in a quick, efficient manner.

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Services and Care

Services and Care

Landmark OPS utilizes individualized treatment programs to offer our patients the highest quality, personal care that they deserve and need to overcome their lapses.

• Psychiatric Evaluation
• Family Therapy
• Medication Management
• Drug and Alcohol Counseling
• Individual and Group Therapy
• Grief Counseling

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