What is a psychiatric counseling?
Psychiatric counseling is in place to help clinicians address a mental health condition that a patient may be dealing with. Whether it is depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, or something else, psychiatric counseling can help. Patients will go through many therapy programs in order to address these issues, including cognitive behavioral therapy, group counseling, and more. You can learn more about clinical counseling options here.

What is a co-occurring disorder?
Substance use disorder is often caused by or causes co-occurring psychiatric disorders that can exacerbate the problem and cause substance abuse to become a more cyclical issue. If you would like to learn more about co-occurring problems and psychiatric disorders, you can read more here.

Are you experiencing depression?
There are a number of different symptoms and signs that point to someone suffering from depression. For example, persistent sadness, irritability, feelings of hopelessness, fatigue, suicidal ideation, and more are all signs that you or a loved one may be experiencing some form of depression. Generally, to be diagnosed with clinical or major depressive disorder, symptoms must be present nearly every day for at least two weeks. To learn more about depression and treatment options, visit Landmark’s Services page.

What are the different types and symptoms of anxiety disorder?
Three of the main types of depression include generalized anxiety disorder, panic disorder, and phobia-related problems. generalized anxiety disorder is characterized by excessive anxiety or worry, irritability, difficulty concentrating, sleep problems, and more. panic disorder involves recurrent unexpected panic attacks that cause intense fear and come on quickly. You can learn more about the different types of anxiety psychiatric disorders here.

How do you treat psychiatric disorders like depression?
Depression and other psychiatric issues like PTSD and ADHD are usually treated with a combination of medication and psychotherapy. At Landmark OPS we have dedicated clinicians on staff to provide patients with the highest quality of care to help overcome these obstacles. You can learn more about the treatment options offered at Landmark here.

What are the benefits of joining a treatment center?
Seeking out help mental and physical health issues that you may be facing will help you improve your quality of life and can even solve social and financial problems that these problems may have caused. Going through a counseling program can help overcome certain psychiatric challenges such as depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, and more. To learn more about how Landmark can help please visit our Services page.

Does Landmark use medication-assisted treatments?
At Landmark OPS, we use a mix of both medication-assisted treatments and psychotherapy to help patients overcome whatever psychiatric or clinical problems they may be facing. Landmark can also help with medication management as well. To learn more about treatment services, you can take a look at our Clinical page.

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