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At Landmark Outpatient Services, we offer numerous clinical care options for a range of psychiatric needs.

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At Landmark Outpatient Services, we offer numerous clinical care options for a range of psychiatric needs.


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive behavioral therapy, or CBT, is a common type of therapy in which a clinician or health counselor helps a patient identify, dismantle, and replace, unhealthy behaviors and veins of thinking with positive ones. In doing so, those who deal with issues related to substance abuse, depression, anxiety, and other disorders can learn to avoid triggers and replace their harmful habits with healthier activities such as exercise, writing, art, and more.

Family Therapy

Unfortunately, substance abuse and psychiatric disorders like depression and PTSD are issues that can affect an entire family. During family therapy at Landmark Outpatient Services, family members are invited to join a patient to help with the recovery and treatment process. A therapist will work with a family to facilitate open discussion between family members. While this kind of therapy may be difficult because as some family relationships can be intense and aggressive at times, family therapy is still a useful tool and should be used in clinical settings to help patients overcome their psychiatric problems.

Dialectical-Behavioral Therapy

DBT is a type of therapy to help people suffering from issues related to suicidal ideation and borderline personality disorder. During DBT treatment, patients will learn social skills, how to deal with issues related to stress, and how to have healthier interpersonal relationships. Patients will develop skills and strategies and will be given the tools they need to lead a life that they feel is worth living.

Group Therapy

While one-on-one therapy sessions can provide numerous benefits and lessons, group therapy can be an effective and useful form of therapy to teach interpersonal skills and stress management. During group therapy, patients will gather together to work with either one or multiple counselors on activities in which group members are invited to share or participate in shared challenges.

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing

EMDR is a form of psychotherapy treatment that is designed to help patients overcome symptoms and emotional distress that is associated with traumatic memories. EMDR therapy aims to help the mind heal from past psychological trauma, just as body can heal from physical trauma.

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Addiction Treatment

For those suffering from issues related to substance use disorder, it is recommended that they seek out an inpatient drug and alcohol treatment center first in order to overcome the initial dangers and problems associated with early sobriety. Not only will inpatient treatment allow you or your loved one to safely withdrawal from their respective substance through medically supervised detoxification, but patients will also receive behavioral and mental health treatment services including drug and alcohol counseling to help them learn about the details of addiction and strategies to avoid relapse.

Following an inpatient recovery program, it is recommended that patients join an outpatient program so that they may continue on the road to recovery. This is where Landmark Outpatient Services comes in. We can help with clinical and psychiatric care services and provide patients with medication management and psychotherapy to give patients the tools they need to overcome any disorder they may be struggling with.

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